Infants are the most precious and most valued bundle of joy in the family. During the period of infancy, both the mother and baby requires utmost care and protection in every aspect to be healthy and safe.

Rainco is very much concerned on the need of reliable care, protection and safety for the mother and the new born baby. Understanding the vital importance of both “Mother and Baby Care”, we have introduced a range of solutions with the finest quality, optimal comfort and standards that has earned the trust of mothers’ in Sri Lanka.



Rainco has been in the Mother and Baby Care category on identifying the importance of providing proper care and ensuring protection of the baby who needs to be taken care of with utmost concern. To cater with loving care, Singithi has stepped up to provide the best to all children of Sri Lanka.

Singithi strives to support and nurture the baby in the best way possible. Singithi has its array of products, carefully selected and provided, as what is most valued by Singithi is the well being  of the child; from a new born to a toddler.

Care is most important when it is required; Singithi is there for you, that has earned the mothers’ trust.