What Drives Us

Our Purpose

Is to enrich the lives of all those who touch, and are touched by our brands every day.

Our Future

Is to conquer the world, with our heart firmly at home, and become a truly global, Sri Lankan brand.

Core Values

  • We inculcate GOODNESS
  • We take OWNERSHIP
  • We are DRIVEN

Customer Promises

  • We Promise to Give YOU a Product that WILL NEVER Fail when YOU Need it the Most.
  • We Promise YOU WILL Get What YOU want & when YOU want it; not what we have & when we have it!
  • We Promise YOU that we WILL Make you Stand Out with Unique Experiences.


SLIM Innovative Brand of the Year 2017 Silver Award for Rainco Mosquito Proof Nets
Spearheaded to be a brand of choice within Sri Lankan consumers, enabling them for a natural, healthy and a peaceful sleep, Rainco Mosquito Proof Nets clinched the Silver award for the Innovative Brand of the Year competing with 14 other brands at the 16th SLIM Brand Excellence Awards held on the 21st of November 2017 at BMICH.
AKIMOTO 5S Award 2015
Rainco received the AKIMOTO 5S certificate of compliance award for 5S practices.
National Productivity Award 2015
Rainco was awarded 3rd place for productivity in the large-scale manufacturing sector,which was organized by the National Productivity Secretariat Ministry of Public Administration and Management.
STAR Award 2012 for the Best Performing Entrepreneur
Rainco received the STAR awards for the best performing entrepreneur award for central province, which was awarded by the Department of Industrial Development and Enterprise Promotion under the guidance of the Ministry of Industries.
AKIMOTO 5S Award 2012
Rainco received the AKIMOTO 5S merit award for 5S practices.
SLIM Local Brand of the Year 2005 Bronze Award for Rainco Umbrellas
Rainco umbrellas clinched the bronze award for the local brand of the year competing with many well- established brands.


  • We and the Community

    We're committed to building sustainable business models that will uplift and enrich the lives of our community. We have built micro-level business partnerships to support small-scale businesses with their entrepreneurship journey.

  • Our Environment

    We are committed to safeguarding water resources. We have developed an effective water management and waste-water disposal methodology to mitigate any negative impact on the environment.

  • For our Partners and Investors

    At Rainco, we continue to build and invest in partnerships that strengthen our sustainability journey.

“I am privileged to guide a company with such a distinguished legacy. I firmly believe that the key to sustained growth and continued success lies in fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. With a customer-focused approach and a commitment to excellence, we will ensure Rainco's position as a trusted and preferred brand in the market.”
Dinesh Dharmaratne
Chief Executive Officer